IPA Hosting Book – Version 09 – April 2019

Dear IPA Friends,

On behalf of the Socio-Cultural Commission, please find attached the IPA Hosting Book kindly updated for April 2019 by Vossie Vos of IPA South Africa.

Changes include:

Section Canada

Other Accommodation: Amended Website address on page 8

Section Germany

Official IPA House: The IPA House ‘Altes Schäferhaus’ in Büdingen, Germany, is now closed

Section Italy

Other Accommodation: Amended physical and email address of Stifterhof Castle

The Hosting Book can also be found in an online magazine version here: IPA-HostingBook-April2019 and will be updated on the IPA IAC website Tuesday 26th April (https://www.ipa-international.org/IPA-Houses)

If your IPA section would like to update the information contained in the Hosting Book, please contact Vossie at vossie.ipa@gmail.com or the IAC at iac@ieb-ipa.org

Kind Regards